How To Set Breadcrumbs For An Article In

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Using, I would like search engines to read the breadcrumbs of my articles.

However, BreadcrumbList is part of a WebPage but not a part of an Article.

I can add a WebPage object to each article, but it seems a bit redundant and I'm not sure how search engines would treat it.

What is a right way of implementing both breadcrumb and article objects?
Real life examples would be great.



Articles and web pages are different entities. For various reasons it makes sense not to blur the line between these entities. Articles have no breadcrumbs, web pages have. That’s why defines the breadcrumb property only for WebPage (and sub-types).

The common and expected way is to provide a WebPage entity in addition to any entities you have on the page (like one or multiple Article).

The mainEntity property (or the inverse mainEntityOfPage property) is used to denote the primary entity that the web page describes.

So for a web page that contains a single article, you could have something like:

  • WebPagebreadcrumbBreadcrumbList
  • WebPagemainEntityArticle