How To Select All Objects In Nested Hierarchy By Property In React Application?

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I hope I haven't overlooked a similar question. I think it should be really easy, but I can't find an approach.

I've got an an array filled with objects, the length of the array can differ in every timestamp. Like in the picture: array with 12 Objects and properties "id", "quality"..

I am now looking for a simple method to see if the properties of "id" and "quality" are defined by now. For example: I can test the type of the first objects property using:


I am looking for something like this:


where "#" selects all values with the property "id" and allows me to see if every property is defined with an string, without using a loop. Thanks and salute :)



Using lodash for this case is perfect fit, your code to check it looks like

import _ from 'lodash'

if (_.every(, data => typeof === 'string')) {
  // Your logic code

Actually, lodash uses a loop, but the code is very elegant.