How To Run Python Script On Background/as A Process?

I want to run a python script as a process/in the background. I searched and found pythonw.exe but when I do pythonw.exe nothing happened. Am I doing something wrong and/or how else would I run it in the background?

This is part of my code that do problem :

from selenium import webdriver

I will thank you for any help whatsoever.

note: With the help of the comments here, I understood that also python.exe running don't work and bring error - NameError: name 'PROTOCOL_TLS' is not defined ( even tough in normal running it doesn't have errors.

edit: i used and i got exe file that work but the cmd console still exist ( mabye it because i use phantomjs ? ) click here



You can create your own exe by going to . After that convert your script. Choose windows-based and convert it. You'll not have any problems after that. Hope that helps.