Friends, I was getting this error while implementing google map API in my APP. I was getting this issue:

Error getting autocomplete prediction API call: Status{statusCode=PLACES_API_ACCESS_NOT_CONFIGURED, resolution=null}

While searching result for these issues, I got a solution that "open google play console and enable Google Place SDK for Android". But while opening GOOGLE PLAY SDK FOR ANDROID ,I was unable to open it and got these issues as shown in figure below. Now I able to resole this issues.See my answer given below in the link to implement new SDk released. Thanks.

Error While Enabling Google Place SDK For Android.



Hi Friends I have successfully resolve this issue.I was implementing Auto Complete Goole places in my app. This was provided by Google play services. Now the main issue is that Place SDK for Android is deprecated from Google play services on 29 Jan.Now,A new SDK is released instead of. Place sdk for Android. Now you can use this migration guide to implement place sdk in your project. Link is available here.

Place SDK for Android migration guide.

Also see the step by step guide how to implement AutoComplete in your project .Look here this linkstep by step guide to implement Autocomplete in our app.

Hope this will help you.Thanks.....