How To Remove URLs With Argument In Google Result

I have a website which I have recently started and also submitted my sitemap on google webmaster tool. My site got index whiten short time but whenever I search about my website on google, I see two three version of my same pages with diff URL arguments on each

Means suppose my site name is, so when I search about on Google I get the results like following




As I know result 1 and result 3 are same, why are they being shown separately ? I don't have any such URL in my sitemap and not even in any of my html page so why is this happening I am little confused. I want to get rid of it

Also result no 2 should be displayed simple as and not like



There is actually a setting in google webmaster tool which helps in removing URLs with parameters. To access & configure the setting, navigate to Webmaster tool --> Crawl --> URL Parameters and set them according to your needs

I also found following article useful for understanding concept behind those parameters and how could we remove pages getting crawled with unnecessary parameters