How To Push Laravel Packages And Helper Files Through Git

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If I don't have ssh access and can't run composer command over server.

How can I upload laravel packages properly through GIT repository, so that my project will run without any problem .

I know If I remove vendor folder from root .gitignore then vendor file will up to the server.

But still I have doubt, I have to do other thinks also.

I am not good in git thats why before messing laravel I am asking this.



The general recommendation is not to commit the vendor directory, that's why Laravel ships with a .gitignore file that contains the vendor directory amongst other things.

However, there are situations such as yours where this is not possible, so in that case there is a nice section of the Composer Documentation that offers some advice on how you should handle committing the dependencies to version control:

Should I commit the dependencies in my vendor directory?