How To Programmatically Click On Elements In Electron?

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I have an Electron application that relies on UI automation to play, pause, and skip from global-shortcut. On the website, I can use the jQuery .click() function and programmatically click on these elements. However, when the same site is embedded in Electron, the DOM changes - is there any way to click on specific elements from a webview in Electron?

Here's what Electron shows in source:

<body style="overflow:hidden;">
      <webview id="player" preload="./preload.js" src=" style="position:absolute;width:100%; height:100%" disablewebsecurity="" tabindex="-1"></webview> 


You can use jQuery. However, I urge you to move away from it and start realizing how powerful and similar vanilla JS, can be, making a stronger, lighter web app.

You can do this:


Keep in mind that anything you can do in a browser, you can also do in Electron!