How To Only Show Map Of Items If They Exist

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I am trying to repeat over an object to show some stuff on my app with react, this works fine if I have items in the object already, but at first (before I call the server) the object is empty and thus undefined so it breaks the component. I'm wondering what the best way to work with this is. I am using immutable.js and redux behind my react. I tried something like this in the render of the component:

   render: function(){
    var filterRepeat;
    if (this.props.filters){
        filterRepeat =  {{
                if (filterGroup.filters.length > 0){
                    return <myFilterCOmponent filterGroup={filterGroup} />

And then I just drop in {filterRepeat}, however it does not seem to like this syntax. I know you can do it like that for normal html but it seems like it's different for the maps evaluate.

I also tried setting it by default in the reducer to see if I could just have a default value set in there with immutable like this :

import { Map } from 'immutable';

var presetState = Map();
presetState.set('filters', {});

export default function reducers(state = presetState, action) {

This does not seem to work either. So I am wondering with that best approach is for something like this with react?



Easy. Just set default props so that it always exists:

var MyComponent = React.createClass({
  getDefaultProps: function() {
    return {
      filters: []
  render: function() {
    var filterRepeat =, i){
      return (
        <MyFilterComponent key={i} filterGroup={filterGroup} />


I also added a key prop to each MyFilterComponent. Read why this is important here.