How To Make An Inner Join In Django Without Foreign Key?

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how to make statement of join on in django 1.11, i want to create this statement :

select ,t2.str, t2.num
from table_1 as t1
join table_2 as t2 on t2.product_id = and t2.section_num = 2;

the models:

class t1(UTModelTS):
    alt_keys = product_alt_keys
    name = utCharField()

class t2(UTModelTS):
    alt_keys= [('pr_id', 'section')]    
    str = utCharField()
    num = models.IntegerField()


i tried

 t1 = t1.objects.filter(**params).exclude(**exclude)
 t1 = t1.select_related('t2')

but this make no sense since acoridng to django doc : select_related Returns a QuerySet that will “follow” foreign-key relationships... from .



No, there isn't an effective / elegant way unfortunately.

although you can use .raw()/RawSQL() method for this exact thing. Even if it could it probably would be a lot slower than raw SQL.