How To Load JSON File In Google Maps

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I would like to use my JSON data to color the countries in Google Maps. At the moment I have everything "hardcoded":

<script type="text/javascript">
  google.charts.load('current', {'packages':['geochart']});

  function drawRegionsMap() {

    var data = google.visualization.arrayToDataTable([

    var options = {
          backgroundColor: 'none',
          defaultColor: '#F27935'

    var chart = new google.visualization.GeoChart(document.getElementById('regions_div'));

    chart.draw(data, options);

The code draws the following image:

The code draws this

Now I want to use a JSON file for it cause I have other data I would like to display as well. The JSON I have so far:

  "Chinese": {
    "Country": {
      "China": {},
      "Taiwan": {},
      "Malaysia": {}
  "English": {
    "Country": {
      "United States": {},
      "United Kingdom": {},
      "Australia": {},
      "New Zealand": {}

I also want to show a particular data on a specific page. For example, on Chinese.php I would like to show the data "Chinese" in JSON.

Should I use if statements? I thought maybe this code could help...

if(document.URL.indexOf("chinese.php") >= 0){ 
...json code here

My question: How can I load a JSON file in Google Maps that only requests a particular part for a particular page.



The following code fixed my problem. I am using separate JSON files for this fix.

function drawcountryMap() {
        var options = {
              backgroundColor: 'none',
              defaultColor: '#F27935'
          url: "cn.json",
          dataType: "JSON"
        }).done(function(data) {
                var countryArray = [["Country"]];
                $.each(, function() {
                    var countryitem = [];
          var countryData = google.visualization.arrayToDataTable(countryArray);
          var chart = new google.visualization.GeoChart(document.getElementById('regions_div'));
          chart.draw(countryData, options);
google.load('visualization', '1', {'packages': ['geochart']});

My JSON file

{ "country": 
] }

Getting the same result:

enter image description here