How To Integrate Vuestorefront With Shopify

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I am trying to integrate vuestorefront with shopify but unable to understand
proper way
there are many repositories like
vue storefront for front end
vue storefront api for back end
vue storefront integration boilerplate for 3rd party integration (in our case Shopify )
this is all I know
I have problem in vue storefront integration boilerplate
unable to find a way to communicate with shopify
docs are saying
I need to built a new app on any platform that app will communicate with vue storefront integration boilerplate(vs bridge) and shopify

this is example config for magento in vs bridge(vue storefront integration boilerplate)

    "elasticsearch": {
        "host": "",
        "indexName": "vue_storefront_magento1"
    "vsbridge": {
        "url": "",
        "auth": {
            "username": "admin",
            "password": "password123",
            "secret": "Geiw0qua"
        "auth_endpoint": "",
        "product_endpoint": "",
        "category_endpoint": "",
        "taxrule_endpoint": "",
} }
i need help in this config file to communicate with shopify
Please tell me if anyone has done it



The way I see is to create a "middleware" app and place it somewhere. This app should be build based on the integration bolierplate examples and server the data fetched from Shopify API.

When this "middleware" or "bridge" app is done. It will be possible to connect it to VueStorefront as the vue-storefront-api replacement. In vue storefront config you will not provide URLS to the vue-storefront-api but to your own app URLs.