How To Insert Large Text Into A DB With PHP?

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I have a function that generates a random text with about 8,000 characters.

This text is generated at the time of first access the page, based on some parameters.

I would like this text to be storing in the database (not to be necessary to generate another text to each access).

I successfully stored in the database all the variables except the large text. Also could store when the text is small:

$LargeText=Texto(); //-> about 8,000 characters

$InserirDescricao = strtoupper($Nome);
mysql_query("UPDATE lavanderias SET descricao = \"$InserirDescricao\" WHERE id=$CidadeID");} //-> This works fine

mysql_query("UPDATE lavanderias SET texto = \"$LargeText\" WHERE id=$CidadeID");} //-> This not works :(

mysql_query("UPDATE lavanderias SET texto = \"ANYTHING\" WHERE id=$CidadeID");} //-> This works fine

The third message generates this error message:

Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'mysqli_sql_exception' with message 
'You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds
to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 
'servico"><div class="servico-ilustracao servico-ilustracao-5"><h2>Lavagem de Pro' 
at line 1' 

It is possible that the number of characters is preventing the insertion? How do I manage to insert the variable with the large text?



According to your SQL error message which you posted as a comment there is at least one single-quote in the text you are trying to update. Because you create your SQL queries through string concatenation, that single quote is interpreted as part of the SQL syntax and leads to a syntax error.

Always run any strings you put into an SQL query through the function mysql_real_escape_string to escape any characters which have a special meaning in SQL. Even better, dump the old, obsolete mysql_* API and use the newer mysqli-API with prepared statements. This API does that automatically for you.

This is very important because your query is also vulnerable to SQL injections. Imagine what happens when I put the text '; DROP TABLE lavanderias; -- on my website.