How To Handle Response Before Commit In Spring Boot FilterHandlerFunction

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We are in the process of migrating an old spring application to spring boot 2.0.

Currently we have an interceptor which executes as first in the chain and does followings:

  • Sets a unique id in ThreadLocal
  • Before response is committed, the unique id is removed from the thread local.

I am trying to figure out a way to implement this in Spring WebFlux. I am able to do it using WebFilter implementation; however, since I am using RouterFunction as controller, I was trying to check if there's a way to achieve this through HandlerFilterFunction.

public class TxIdFilter implements HandlerFilterFunction<ServerResponse, ServerResponse> {
   * {@inheritDoc}
  public Mono<ServerResponse> filter(ServerRequest request, HandlerFunction<ServerResponse> next) {
     * How to achieve following (which can be done
     * using WebFilter)
     * exchange.getResponse().beforeCommit(() -> {
     *   logger.debug("Cleaning up the tx id...");
     *   AppTransactionContext.removeAll();
     *   return Mono.empty();
     * });
    return next.handle(request);


Here is how you can do it, although I'm here using a request attribute for that:

public class SampleFilterFunction implements HandlerFilterFunction {

    public Mono filter(ServerRequest request, HandlerFunction next) {
        request.attributes().put("key", "value");
        return next.handle(request)
                .doOnSuccessOrError((value, error) -> request.attributes().remove("key"));

You should not rely on ThreadLocal here, because unlike with the Servlet Spring MVC model, a request is not tied to a particular thread. Request processing can hop to a different thread at any given time.

Reactor provides a Context API for those uses cases.

Depending on your actual use case (I'm not sure what this transaction ID might mean here), you can also take a look at Spring Cloud Sleuth and Micrometer and how they solve that problem in their own respective use case.