How To Handle Global State Data Into Deeply Nested Components In Redux?

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So say you have a chat aplication with this component structure:


And a Redux state like:

  currentUser: ...,
  chatsList: ...,
  selectedChatIndex: ...,
  messagesList: [ ... ]

How would you make the current user information available to the <MessageUserHead> component (that will render the current user thumbnail for each message) without having to pass it along all the way from the root component thru all the intermediate components?

In the same way, how would you make information like current language, theme, etc available to every presentational/dumb component in the component tree without resorting to exposing the whole state object?



For information that is global to all of your "dumb" components, you could use react contexts.

A contrived example

// redux aware component
var ChatApp = React.createClass({
  childContextTypes: {
    language: React.PropTypes.string
  getChildContext: function() {
    // or pull from your state tree
    return {language: "en"};

// dumb components
var ExDumb = React.createClass({
  contextTypes: {
    language: React.PropTypes.string

  render: function() {
    var lang = this.context.language;
    return ( <div /> );

In response to the comments, redux uses this context approach in their react-redux library.

And more abstractly for use outside of react, you could use some sort of pluck or selector function on the state tree, and return only a subset of the global state needed by dumb components.