How To Give Laravel 6 Validation Attributes A Custom Name For Error Message?

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I am trying to change the way my errors display when my Laravel form is not filled in correctly. Currently, when I get an error. It displays like this.

name mag niet groter zijn dan 255 karakters.

Because this language is Dutch, I would like to change the 'name' attribute to 'naam'. I have tried to change the $attributesNames like this but unfortunately it did not work.

$attributeNames = [
   'name' => 'Naam'   

This is what my validation function currently looks like.

 * @return array
public function validateCampaign() {
    // name needs to render as 'Naam'

    return request()->validate([
        'name' => 'required|max:255',


As it turns out. I needed to edit the 'attributes' array in my resources/lang/xx/validation.php file.

It turns out like this:

'attributes' => [
    'name' => 'Naam'