How To Get The Last Access Date Of Any Resource In A Bucket In Amazon S3 In Node.js?

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I am trying to get the last access date of a resource in a bucket. But not able find anything related to it. I tried to fetch all the access logs for a bucket and parsed the logs files to check if a resource is accessed.

This is a very complex approach. In the

s3.listObjects I am getting the below object:-

 { Key: '_636579271588176973_951622.json',
       LastModified: 2018-08-02T08:31:29.000Z,
       ETag: '"c348574fabf83d603984a60983add161"',
       Size: 32172,
       StorageClass: 'STANDARD',
       Owner: [Object] },


S3 is merely an object storage solution from AWS and so doesn't hold information like file access time, etc.

As always there are workarounds to achieve this,

  • You may setup CloudTrail to get last access date to a resource based on resource type. Read more here.
  • You may make use of Server Access Logging on your bucket, and parse the logs to extract your last access date for the object. Read more here.