How To Get Rid Of `deprecated Conversion From String Constant To ‘char*’` Warnings In GCC?

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So I'm working on an exceedingly large codebase, and recently upgraded to gcc 4.3, which now triggers this warning:

warning: deprecated conversion from string constant to ‘char*’

Obviously, the correct way to fix this is to find every declaration like

char *s = "constant string";

or function call like:

void foo(char *s);
foo("constant string");

and make them const char pointers. However, that would mean touching 564 files, minimum, which is not a task I wish to perform at this point in time. The problem right now is that I'm running with -werror, so I need some way to stifle these warnings. How can I do that?



I believe passing -Wno-write-strings to gcc will suppress this warning.