How To Get Multiple Object Array Value Into View Just Using 1 Ng-repeat In Angular-laravel

i'm new with laravel and angular things. so i try to get data from 3 table and create 3 different variable with model in each variable and in angular controller i got data result as $scope.document_url. first this is my 3 object data :


and i want to know is it possible to get all 3 object into 1 in just using 1 ng-repeat? this is what i do in my angular view :

<tr md-row md-auto-select ng-repeat="(key, value) in document_url[0]">

so i want just document_url not document_url[0] to get all array value in all object in 1 ng-repeat. thanks for helping me sorry bad english. if you dont understand my explanation i will try to explain more detail.



Could you not use two ng-repeats one inside the other?

<tr md-row md-auto-select ng-repeat="outerObj in main_array">
   <span ng-repeat="innerObj in outerObj">{{outerObj.Id}} - {{innerObj.Id}}</span>