How To Get Maximum Scroll Height For Ion Content?

I would like to calculate the current scroll percentage of my IonContent (it's an Ionic + React app)

The page layout looks like this:

      <IonButtons slot="start">
        <IonMenuButton />
    onIonScroll={(ev) => {
      // ToDo: calculate scroll percentage
    {// very long custom component
      <IonLabel>Footer </IonLabel>

From the IonScroll event, I can read out the scrollTop which seems to be the current scroll position.
Now I need to get the maximal scrolling height of the IonContent.

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The accepted answer from the first question seems to provide the most complete approach, by taking the max over a selection of scrolling height values:

var limit = Math.max( document.body.scrollHeight, document.body.offsetHeight, 
                   document.documentElement.clientHeight, document.documentElement.scrollHeight, document.documentElement.offsetHeight );

I've extended this by also adding:


The problem:

In my scenario, the maximum over these values is around 660. But the logging output from ev.detail.scrollTop goes up to 680.76.
I've connected the debug inspector and tried scrolling from the console, to see what would happen for scroll value around 660. I can still see the content move when scrolling from 660 to 680:

document.getElementById('main-content').scrollToPoint(0, 680);

How can I find the maximum scrolling coordinates?



I think I found the solution:

onIonScroll={async (ev) => {
  const elem = document.getElementById("ion-content-id");

  // the ion content has its own associated scrollElement
  const scrollElement = await ( elem as any).getScrollElement()

  const scrollPosition = ev.detail.scrollTop;
  const totalContentHeight = scrollElement.scrollHeight;
  const viewportHeight = elem.offsetHeight;

  const percentage = scrollPosition / (totalContentHeight - viewportHeight);

I don't understand why this incompatibility was introduced though. Wouldn't it be possible to connect the scrollElement of the IonContent with document.scrollingElement? The standard is still a draft but implemented in all major browsers (expect IE).