How To Get Last Updated Record With FIND_IN_SET In Laravel?

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I am using find_in_set with my query to get data from comma separated field. But it shows me error.

$results = DB::select("SELECT basic.updated_at,basic.updated_by,,ccbi.team_group_id,
FROM basic_info as  basic 
INNER JOIN emp_info  as  emp_details 
ON basic.emp_master_id =  emp_details.emp_id
WHERE IN (SELECT FROM basic_info as basic WHERE basic.updated_at = (SELECT MAX(basic.updated_at) FROM basic_info as basic)) AND basic.team_id =  '1' AND ('FIND_IN_SET(?,emp_details.emp_grp)' , '18')   ORDER BY DESC LIMIT 1");

above query shows me error of :

Cardinality violation: 1241 Operand should contain 1 column(s)

If i will remove AND ('FIND_IN_SET(?,emp_details.emp_grp)' , '18') this part it will return correct result.



There were several typos in your query. Instead of adding everything into a DB::select(), I also cleaned your query a bit:

return DB::table('basic_info')
    ->select('basic_info.updated_at', 'basic_info.updated_by', '')
    ->join('emp_info', 'basic.emp_master_id', 'emp_info.emp_id')
    ->whereRaw(" IN (SELECT FROM basic_info WHERE basic_info.updated_at = (SELECT MAX(basic_info.updated_at) FROM basic_info) AND basic_info.team_id =  '1' AND FIND_IN_SET('18',emp_details.emp_grp) ORDER BY DESC LIMIT 1)")

Would the following work for you?