How To Get Laravel To Ignore Filepaths When Searching For A Class?

I'm developing a package for laravel, and some code needs to be completed by the Application developer (to map their models to the models of my package).

I would like to publish some model templates from my package folders to the App folders, in order to facilitate the application developer's job.

But even once the published files are filled accordingly in the App folder (in \app\Integration\myPackageName\Mapping), Laravel tries to use the unfilled files in my Package's folder (\packages\my\package\src\Mapping\Publishables), which obviously results in an error.

Is there a way to get Laravel to ignore a folder when searching for classes ? Or am I simply not using the right method for what I want to do ?



You can exclude classes from the classmap(s) as follows in your composer.json.

    "autoload": {
        "exclude-from-classmap": ["/Tests/", "/test/", "/tests/"]

Further information can be found in composer's documentation chapter

This will prevent the error-message in Laravel.

Using this technique - as in your case - for packaging classes having invalid PSR-0/4 namespaces is bad practice.