How To Enable Inno-db Support On MySql 5 Installed Above MySql 4?

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How to enable inno-db support on installed instance of MySql?

I have installed mysql-5.0.67-win32. 'InnoDB' is 'DISABLED' when executing 'show engines'. According to documentation MySql is compiled with support of inno-db (From doc: A value of DISABLED occurs either because the server was started with an option that disables the engine, or because not all options required to enable it were given.)

In my.ini I commented line with 'skip-innodb'. This didn't help. All other inno-db related variables remain unchanged.

I have performed some unusual action before I experienced described situation. I have mysql-4.0.17-win installed. I uninstall it and after this installed mysql-5.0.67-win32. In installation wizard I chose MyISAM support only (as far as I understand I disabled inno-db support in such way. When I tried to reinstall with support of inno-db I had problems of using my previous database 'mysql' with account information).

MySQL documentation says that I should use mysqldump to export data and after this to import exported data in process of upgrade. I tried to do so, but when importing data I obtained message about syntax error (I think that it is connected with some incompatibilities of 4-th and 5-th version of mysql)



I have resolved the problem.

In short: I was not able to dump databases on MySql4 and restore it on MySql5 due to some strange syntactic errors when importing data.

I tried after installation to override MySql5 databases with old ones, including database 'mysql'. It works ok but I was not able to enable inno-db support. (In such way I even was able to use function PASSWORD for old passwords (instead of OLD_PASSWORD))

Since database structure of 'mysql' is changed in 5 version I tried to install MySql5 again and copied my old databases except 'mysql' one. After this I updated 'mysql' database with corrected version of exported data from 'mysql'. In such a way I obtained mysql 5 working.

After all I also executed
mysqlcheck --all-databases --auto-repair
to upgrade my tables.

P.S. Thank to authors of all answers which hint me to the correct way of resolving problem.