How To Edit The Search Result In Google?

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Take yahoo as example,

how to control the following? (to make it simple, the result apply to the all countries)

  1. title
  2. description
  3. can select which six page to show in search result?
  4. six sub-title and their short description

Studied a while and found that the result are auto detect , so how to manually change them and how to make sure the changes since it take some time before the new search result is take effect?

thanks a lot



Title for each page including sitelinks (those six pages underneath) is from <title> tag in the page <head>. Same goes for Description, those are from <description> tag.

Keep in mind that Google can alter or change them completely based on the page content and title/description provided.

  1. You can't choose witch sitelinks to include, Google choses them automatically. But you can demote them with Webmaster Tools.