How To Do Bundling Of Css & Js Files In Drupal

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I am .Net guy. I have been assigned a task where I need to bundle the css & js files for the purpose of optimization in Drupal website.

In ASP.Net, we configure all the bundles in bundle.config and upload the dll to production.

Same thing I need to do in Drupal v6.0. Yesterday while googling I found the documentation on Drupal which guides to configure in admin/settings/performance where I need to enable the Bundling.

But since there in no build thing in Drupal how do I bundle the css & js files on Dev/Production server.

I am using Drupal v6.0



In Drupal

  1. Login to your site as admin
  2. Under SiteConfiguration, find Perfomance(admin/settings/performance)
  3. You will find Bandwidth Optimizations Settings
  4. Enable Optimize CSS & JS files.
  5. Save Configuration & reload.

In case if doesn't reflect just Clear Site cache.
Thats it.

Minfication & Bundling both will be achived.