How To Debug PHP?? Sick Of Laravel White Pages

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These days I'm moving an old PHP project to Laravel framework and I'm struggling with these white pages that come up every hour. Back when I used I never saw such a blank pages. But now in PHP and Laravel I always see white pages and I should solve the problem with guessing where the issue may be or not. No matter what I do. "Display errors" is on. "Display startup errors" is on. Storage/laravel.log has nothing helpful.



check APP_ENV to be local not production

read Laravel's Logging documentation

install a debugger extension: Xdebug is fine

if you are using feature tests consider adding $this->withoutExceptionHandling(); to disable Laravel's exeption handling wich may lead to redirecting,...

if youre still unable to see error page it may be a php matter. check this answer

this is how a laravel err page looks like