How To Debug Javascript Test Files In The Browser Using Gulp Test And Karma

I wrote a javascript test using the jasmine framework, and I run my tests using with "gulp test". Below is my test.js

gulp.task('test', function(done) {
  new Karma({
    configFile: __dirname + '/../../karma.conf.js',
    singleRun: false
  }, done).start();

My question is what do i have to do so that i can debug my test file? I want to be able to walk through the test file line by line? Is there any property in karma.conf.js that i have to manipulate to be able to do this?



You have a good start changing singleRun to false.

Put a debugger in where you want it to stop.

Then run gulp test to get the browser open.

Open Chrome Dev Tool.

Run again, it should stop at the debugger.