How To Create Multiple Column Primary Key In Eloquent

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I store Managers, Course_Type and Course Years in database.

I will name my courses depending on incrementing values such as

    Course_type    course_order      course_year

    Course_type[0]      1              2015 
    Course_type[0]      2              2015
    Course_type[0]      3              2015
    Course_type[0]      4              2015
    Course_type[0]      1              2016
    Course_type[1]      1              2015
    Course_type[2]      1              2015
    Course_type[2]      2              2015

So I create database like

Schema::create('courses', function (Blueprint $table) {
            $table->enum('course_type', [


            $table->unique( array('added_by','year_code','course_order') );

and this is my controller on createprocess

$courseorder = \App\Courses::where('added_by', \Auth::id())
            ->where('year_code', $input['year_code'])->max('course_order');

$course->course_order = $courseorder + 1;

but since I look for max('course_order') in database if I delete lets say Course order 2. Next added course will be 4 instead of 3.

enter image description here

So my question is how can I check missing values between course_order's to fill position after removing one?

P.S a mysql solution will be faster and better than php I think.



You can use a new table to store deleted records. When you need a new course_order number first you should check DeletedCourses table. If DeletedRecord has a matching record delete it from DeletedRecords table and use it for new course_order.