How To Convert React JSX Files To Simple JavaScript File [offline Transformation]

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I am new to react.js. Just started learning it. So my question may seems to be stupid but please answer it.

I have created a simple .js file with following code:

var Hello=React.createClass({
    render: function(){
        return (<h1>Hello World</h1>);

It is in JSX syntax and to convert it to simple JavaScript file I used following command:

babel --preset react JSX_Files --watch --out-dir public/javascripts

Here JSX_Files is my source folder and public/javascripts is the folder where I want my transformed .js files.

But I'm getting following error while transformation:

SyntaxError: JSX_Files/example.js: Unexpected token (3:16)
  1 | var Hello=React.createClass({
  2 |     render: function(){
> 3 |         return (<h1>Hello World</h1>);
    |                 ^
  4 |     }
  5 | });

But when I use Babel REPL ( , it converts it without any error.

Now please tell me where I'm doing wrong. Why I'm getting syntax error while offline transformation.



If you are using babel-cli you need to use a plugin to transform jsx syntax to js syntax that the browser understands. See the following link: You'll need to install babel-plugin-transform-react-jsx plugin and use it in a .babelrc file like that:

  "plugins": ["transform-react-jsx"]

Then your babel command should work.