How To Assign A String To A Fixed Sized Char Array

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I am reading a string from a json object. The string can be compressed or uncompressed. If it's compressed, I have to decompress it. So depending on the compressed condition I want to assign a value to with json_string_value. I know the size of the string, hence I want the string to have a static size.

I have the following:

char my_string[MY_SIZE];

if( [some condition]){ 
    //how to assign a value to my_string in this case?
} else {
    int ret = decompress(compressed_str, compressed_str_len, my_string, MY_SIZE);

json_string_value() returns a string with a null terminator.

I managed to get it to work by using a different string literal and copying the value over

const char *tmp = json_string_value(image);
strcpy(my_string, tmp); 

but I was wondering if there is an easier (better) way to do this?



You don't need all the extra variables, you can just call the function in strcpy() arguments.

strcpy(my_string, json_string_value(image));