How To Add Tags Like Author,Title And Thumbnail To An .m4a Audio File Using Node.js?

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Using Node.js to download files containing music, in .m4a format.

Issue: I cannot find a way to add tags and the Cover Art (thumbnail) to .m4a files.

I had done this before using another program: achieved by MediaHuman youtube -> mp3 downloader (even though it downloads as m4a, my desired format)

(P.S.I'm open to use another language, as long as the language can be linked it to node, but it is definitely very much preferred if it could be done purely in node.js)

Any clues on this subject are very appreciated.



I have finally solved my issue by the use of ffmpeg using node!

The issue was that \node_modules\ffmpeg\lib\video.js decided to skip duplicate commands, therefore my requests consisting of multiple of same commands were never read properly by ffmpeg. However, with a quick mod to the video.js file, I was able to make it work! I have successfully written both, the tags, and a thumbnail onto my .m4a