How To Add CreateStackNavigator Inside ImageBackround Of View To Have Common Background Image?

I am trying to import createStackNavigator from an external file and add it inside ImageBackground of View so that I can have common flow of backround image from top to bottom but I am getting errors like TypeError: No "routes" found in navigation state


      <View style={styles1}>
        <ImageBackground source={{uri: '' }} style={{width: '100%', height: '100%'}}>
 <componentNavigator style={{ backgroundColor: 'transparent' }} navigation={navigation} />

      </View >

To fix the above issue I added static router = AccountsNavigator.router; // added it below constructor

Then I am getting Connot readt propery 'router' of undefined I am not sure how to fix it, even if it fixed will it take the flow og background image?



I have found the solution, by adding headerTransparent: true inside navigationOptions, I can able to achieve transparent background though I had to position the below container with position: absolute