How To Add Billing To Shopify Node And Express App

I have been building a Shopify app with Node / Express and I want to add billing to my app, but I am confused which portion of the Shopify documentation I should follow.

Would I follow the instructions under Charge A Fee Using The Billing API because this is under Build a Shopify App with Node and React and their does not appear to be a dedicated article for Build a Shopify App with Node and Express.


Would I follow the instructions under Adding billing to your app by adding a Ruby file into my app?

Is there an example of this in the Shopify Git Hub Repo? I may be missing it when looking.



You can build billing API from your side in node express with using shopify billing API

shopify billing API

you can check there and select one billing method as your requirement

like if you want 30 days billing period than you can use recurring application charges api


you can check all details how to use billing api in your project. It provides create new plan ,update plan and get plan details

method: you can call this API using request-promise from your node.js API and get response and use that response