How To Add An Icon To The Right Hand Side Of The MacOS Menu Bar In Electron?

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I am a fan of the bitbar project that enables you on MacOS to add menu bar items to the right side of the menu bar like this:

enter image description here

Those icons persist even when the focus is on another window and can give the user live information about services running in the background.

I am building some apps with the Electron Framework and was thinking of wrapping bitbar into my applications, but that seems a little bit over engineered.

Is there a way to add an icon to this side of the menu bar? If not: Does anybody know a good example of such an implementation that includes an installer?

Electron's documentation of the Menu bar doe not indicate it. But maybe I overlooked something or there are other implementations of this MacOS only feature?



user No Grabbing pointed me precisely in the right direction! Thank you!

I was looking with the wrong search parameters: "Tray" seems to be the term i was missing:

Electron actually does already provide an API for that and after testing it i can say: it works out of the box: