How To Access Index In A Component Called In Ng-repeat In Angularjs?

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I have the following files. This is code in node-list.html

<tbody sv-node-list-item ng-repeat="item in items" />

And this is code in node-list-item.html.


Basically node-list-item is rendered for each iteration of the ng-repeat of the node-list.html file. I need to access the index of the item from the parent i.e. node-list.html in node-list-item.html I have been researching this for quiet some time but am not able to do so. Please help. I am using angular1 i.e. angularjs. This is the directive code in node-list-item.js

function directive() { return { templateUrl: "partials/node-list-item.html" };}
module.directive("svNodeListItem",[ directive ]);


Use this in the node-list.html:(You need to send index to the node-list-item directive)

<tbody ng-repeat="item in items track by $index" sv-node-list-item index="{{$index}}"/>

Then change your sv-node-list-item directive to this:

function directive() { 
    return { 
        scope: {
           index: '@'
        templateUrl: "partials/node-list-item.html" 
module.directive("svNodeListItem",[ directive ]);

And finally your node-list-item.html to this:


For more information about ng-repeat check the documentation here and for directive variables here.