How Shopify Facebook Store App Working?

Recently I created a store using Shopify E-Commerce, They are offering a Facebook App. By using the Facebook App, we can create a store on our Facebook Page. I added some product through the Shopify dashboard, and it automatically comes on the Facebook Store.

Here the question is. How this kind of Apps are working?

I already developed some Facebook Tab App, which shows website data using frames. But in the case of Shopify Facebook App. It was showing the Products on the Home Page of the Facebook Page.

Is there any way to create our own Facebook Shop like Shopify?. I want to create my own.

Please help me.

Shopify Facebook App Plugin:

Facebook Store Tab:



Is there any way to create our own Facebook Shop like Shopify?

Not at the moment, no.

Facebook regularly tests new features such as this with a limited set of partners - and Shopify is one of them.
There is no way to apply.

If/when this feature will be made available for all 3rd-party apps, then they will announce it through the usual channels (FB dev blog, changelog, etc.)