How I Can Ignore Feature In Behat?

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I am using behat with laravel. I have some features which I want to ignore in tests. So I have inside features folder:
- a.feature
- b.feature
- c.feature

I want to exclude feature c from testing. At the moment if I want to exclude feature c from tests I have to rename it - for example to "c.feature.tmp".
Is there some more intelligent way ... something like in java or .NET we have @Ignore annotation.



You can give the features you don't want to test a tag like @notesting and then run behat like this.

behat --tags '[email protected]'

The ~ sign is a NOT operator.

Or like @grzegorz-zadja mentioned you can also use test suites.

In your feature file right above your Feature: you can put tags. Just add @notesting there. See the documentation.