How Does Messenger Refreshes Itself In The Background?

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How do Messenger and other apps refresh themselves in the background regularly and display every single notification?

Is it a server that sends a signal to the app on a regular basis to refresh their data in the background?



Mostly applications use multiple ways to update notifications:

  1. Send push notification, if in case you want to inform user about the activity.

  2. Send silent push notification, if in case you don’t want to inform user that something happened in background. ( "content-available" : 1 )

IMPORTANT Background update notifications are not meant as a way to keep your app awake in the background beyond quick refresh operations, nor are they meant for high priority updates. APNs treats background update notifications as low priority and may throttle their delivery altogether if the total number becomes excessive. The actual limits are dynamic and can change based on conditions, but try not to send more than a few notifications per hour.


But still most apps use this.

  1. Run/schedule a background task to perform some action.