How Do Unified Tracking With Google Analytics (app And Web)

We're users of Google Analytics on our organization. We've recently received an email from them saying that they're discontinuing Google Analytics for App Reporting next year (info [here])( At the moment we use Google Analytics on web and apps (android/ios) jointly.

I understand the focus of Firebase is apps, and having all Analytics information together for both Android and iOS.

My question is: is the previous SDK for apps going to disappear altogether?

What would be the standard approach from this point onwards if you also have a web? Add the Firebase SDK on apps, and track with Google Analytics for Firebase, and keep Google Analytics standard SDK on web? I believe this approach would be even more cumbersome since we'll need two interfaces to follow metrics.



From the email, it stated that by OCT 2019, data processing will stop and by Jan 2020, everything will be gone/inaccessible from GA. Hopefully, by then you'll have moved to Firebase Analytics.

GA is still the standard for web and that's not going away.

For Firebase, you can use GTM with it, maybe it might make maintenance easier.