How Do I Make Send Emit Message To Only One Client?

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I've been working on a game and i'm using sockets for some simple backend stuff. One issue i noticed is that when a player dies, i emit a socket requesting to reset the game. the issue is, this gets sent to everyone, so when one person dies, everyone gets sent back to the home screen.

How can i make it so that (io.emit - the server) only affects the (socket.on - the client)?

My heart stopped when i realized this, i've gotten so far and i can't believe this hadn't crossed my mind!



I guess one of the comments directs you to a few potential answers. But just in case a struggling coder has the same issue, here is what i did that resolved it.


io.on('connection', function(socket) {'private', 'you're secret code is ' + code);


socket.on('private', function(msg) {
}); has a bunch of useful information in a small amount of room. also heres the link th the other question in case you want to know more then one solution:

Send message to specific client with and node.js