How Do I Integrate A Third-party Library Into October Cms?

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I need to add the payment system library to my project on Ocrober CMS ( ). In this regard, the question is:

Can I do this using only the classes of my plugin, or is there a way to automatically integrate this into the project? If so, how can I do this without rewriting namespace and use at the beginning of php files? There is information about this on Github, but it is not clear how to use it.



  1. Install composer in your system/server

  2. open terminal and go to in your plugin's root folder for ex. plugins/author/pluginName

  3. composer require stripe/stripe-php <- use this command please replace package as per your need

  4. once package installation is done you are able to use your library, for ex: $stripeClient = new \Stnstallation is done you are able to use your library, for ex: $stripeClient = new \Stripe\StripeClient()...

according to your need

  1. in terminal go to your plugin's root directory
  2. composer init -> then fill default infos
  3. composer require yandex-money/yandex-checkout-sdk-php
  4. use it in code
// import 
use YandexCheckout\Client;

// use
$client = new Client();
$client->setAuth('shopId', 'secretKey');

if any doubt please comment.