How do I get phpunit to work in cloud9 IDE?

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Just started out a laravel project on cloud9 IDE but I can't get phpunit to work. Every time I run the PHPUnit command I get a

command not found

response. From the file structure in the project I can see phpunit files. I have never used cloud 9 for a laravel project before so I can't really tell if thats how it's supposed to behave. Has anyone successfully used phpunit on cloud9 before?




You can install phpunit globally using composer (available in the default C9 workspace). Phpunit 4.8.* works with PHP 5.5.

sudo composer global require phpunit/phpunit:4.8.*

The phpunit executable will be installed in ~/.composer/vendor/bin/ so add the following line at the end of the ~/.profile file to make the command available elsewhere.

export PATH=~/.composer/vendor/bin:$PATH

Run source ~/.profile afterwards to register the new path then simply run phpunit in your Laravel installation folder.