How Do I Get HTML Rendered As Markdown Via GitHub Pages?

I have a rather nasty, huge HTML document that I converted to markdown.

When I do the usual layout and view the .md file in GitHub via preview tab, it looks fine. However, when I serve it and view it on my actual site, it renders all the HTML tags.

I have tried using different markdown interpreters like redcarpet versus kramdown, to no avail.

How do I get a good markdown rendering of HTML similar to the GitHub behavior?

Link to repo (notice the clean GitHub Flaovred markdown)



This is not a markdown but a html document.

Rename it to test.html

Remove html and body tags

give it a :

layout: page
title: Test
permalink: /test2/

I've made a pull request that works to you repo.

Note: before pasting word html to the web you can clean it.