How Do I Deploy Two Laravel 7 Project Into Shared Hosting At HostGator?

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I tried many strategies to deploy two Laravel apps in shared hosting. What I have done so far is

  • created a folder inside public_html folder (vocalpublic) and put all the Laravel public folder files in there.

  • All the other Laravel project files except public folder have placed outside the public_html folder (

  • I have many addon domains, and in this case, I created one ( which was created a folder outside the public_hml folder, and that's where I drop laravel files.

Final result:

enter image description here



Thanks for the viewers.

I found the solution. The PHP version of my server is 7.1 max but my Laravel 7.2 need at least PHP 7.2 version. So what I did was downgrade the Laravel app into version 5.8, and everything works fine.