How Can I Make A Prototype Function To All My Object Properties?

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I have an object of functions and I like to prototype another function to all of these properties.


var test = function(num) {
  return num * num / (num/4);

var obj = {
  item1: item1, //this is a function already setted.
  item2: item2, //this is a function already setted.
  item3: item3 //this is a function already setted

What I want is something like: obj.item1().test() without setting this.test inside each function.



Your test function

return num * num / (num/4);

is exactly equivalent to num * 4 as far as I can see.

Anyway, the example itemX given in your comment returns a number. The only way to be able to call the function test on a number is to add it to the Number prototype, which some people would say is a bad idea:

Object.defineProperty(Number.prototype, 'test', { value: function () {
    return this * this / (this/4);

If you want to be able to chain test from the result of the call to obj.itemX, then the latter needs to return this, not this.num:

var itemX = function(val) {this.num = val; return this};

Now you just need to place a modified version of test once on obj:

var obj = {
  item1: item1, //this is a function already set.
  item2: item2, //this is a function already set.
  item3: item3, //this is a function already set.

  test: function() { return test(this.num); }

> obj.item1(22).test()
< 88

How can I make a prototype function to all my object properties?

If you are referring to test, this is not a prototype function. It's just a plain old method on an object. To add it, just add it on the object, as done above.