How Can I Get A List Of The Differences Between Two JavaScript Object Graphs?

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I want to be able to get a list of all differences between two JavaScript object graphs, with the property names and values where the deltas occur.

For what it is worth, these objects are usually retrieved from the server as JSON and typically are no more than a handful of layers deep (i.e. it may be an array of objects that themselves have data and then arrays with other data objects).

I want to not only see the changes to basic properties, but differences in the number of members of an array, etc. etc.

If I don't get an answer, I will probably end up writing this myself, but hope someone has already done this work or know of someone who has.

EDIT: These objects will typically be very close in structure to one another, so we are not talking about objects that are utterly different from one another, but may have 3 or 4 deltas.



After reviewing the existing answers, I noticed that the library was not yet listed as a solution.

From my research, this library seems to be the best in terms of active development, contributions and forks for solving the challenge of diffing objects. This is very handy for creating a diff on the server side and passing the client only the changed bits.