How Can I Change What To Be Indexed On Google By Using WooCommerce?

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I am using WooCommerce plugin together with SEO by Yoast on my wordpress site.

At the moment the indexation is working properly BUT there is one issue. The text that is indexed is the long product description and not the short product description that I want.

My question: How do I change in my wordpress site to index the short product description.

Note: The product descriptions I write in wp-admin>woocommerce>products and then in the specific products.

URL to site



Can you provide a specific URL? That's not enough info. Out of the box, Yoast will make it look like this:

Nokia Lumia 930 - Your Site Name
This is the Nokia Lumia 930 and it's very nice. It's got a pretty good camera.

Line (1) is product name & site name. Line (3) is short product description.

One thing you should know is that Google doesn't guarantee your product description will be used in its SERPs.