How Can I Build A Condition Based Query In Laravel Using Eloquent

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I was wondering how can I build a condition based query in Laravel using eloquent?

I've found how to do it with a raw query but that that's not what I want also the answer to this question isn't that dynamic at least not as dynamic as I want it to be.

What I try to achieve is to create a dynamic WHERE query based on certain conditions, for example if the field is filled or not.

If I use the following code,

        $matchThese = [
            'role' => 'user',
            'place' => \Input::get('location')

        $availableUsers = User::where($matchThese)->take($count)->orderByRaw("RAND()")->get();

The query will fail if I don't send a location as POST value. I don't want it to fail I want it to skip to the next WHERE clause in the query. So basically if there's no place given don't search for it.



Build up the query and include the ->where() clause depending on whether or not you have the location in your input:

$query = User::where('role', 'user');

$query = \Input::has('location') ? $query->where('location', \Input::get('location')) : $query;

$availableUsers = $query->take($count)->orderByRaw('RAND()')->get();