How Can I Add A Check To See If A Collection On Shopify Is Available / Published?

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How can I correct "Liquid error: comparison of String with 0 failed" when a collection is not published/ available?

If I make the collection unavailable/ not published I have "Liquid error: comparison of String with 0 failed" on the frontend.

Removing {% if collections['catalogue'].products_count > 0 %}

shows "coming soon"

This is the line in question I think but I need to check there are products.

I've also tried adding

{% if collections['catalogue'] %}

I need the Catalogues section to be completely hidden until it's avaialble

{% if collections['catalogue'].products_count > 0 %}
    <div class="contain collection collection--home" data-intro="fade-in-up">
        <header role="banner" class="collection__title">
            <h1 class="h3 font--condensed text--upper">Catalogues</h1>

        <div class="collection-grid">
            {% for product in collections['catalogue'].products limit:1 %}

                {% include 'collection-item' %}

            {% else %}

                <p>{{ 'collections.general.no_matches' | t }}</p>

            {% endfor %}
{% endif %}

sorry I'm a liquid and Shopify nooob :-/



You can check the publishing date since that is null when is not published.

{% if collections['catalogue'].published_at != empty %}
  // your code
{%- endif -%}

Please have in mind that you are checking for products count in your code but you are asking for collection availability which are 2 different things. A collection can be unavailable and still have products.

If you want to check for products swap it for:

{% if collections['catalogue'].products.size > 0 %}
  // your code
{%- endif -%}