Hosting On Different Platforms

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I am hosting a store on Shopify which runs an ecommerce store, I am also making a marketplace on Wordpress which is hosted on AWS. I own the domain on go

Here are my questions: currently points to Shopify store I want to send my users from Shopify store to Wordpress marketplace via the menu for.e.g should goto on Wordpress)

What all things I need to do to achieve this? Create a sub domain on go daddy? and point it to where? reconfigure DNS on wordpress hosting service?



At first you need to create the subdomain in and then you need to write the set of code in vhost file at AWS. vHost file depends on operating system you are using in AWS. Sample vhost file :

<VirtualHost> # ip to be replace by your ip
    DocumentRoot "/var/www/html/yoursite"

Hope this will help