Google Friendlier Angular URLs?

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I'm making an entire site using angular. Using routes the urls come out to I'd like this to change to without navigating away from the page and do screenshots for google bots. How can I do this with angular?



You need to follow Google rules regarding SPA crawling.

1) Enable Angular HTML5 mode and hashbang prefix with :


So you will have standard urls ( on modern browser for your users, and hashbangs urls (!/mypage) for old browsers and crawlers.

2) Add <meta name="fragment" content="!" /> to your head

3) For each angular pretty url ( #!/mypage/key=value) your server also need to serve ugly urls (#!/mypage?_escaped_fragment_=key=value) with an HTML snapshot. You can use PhantomJS for this.

And you are done, but for best results also implement canonical urls.